Polishing & Restoration of a 'Strand - Pattern 23' Theatre Spotlight
(Private Client)



The Strand Pattern 23 was designed by aircraft designer Morgan McLeod (along with many other strands lanterns of the period), with Frederick Bentham doing the technical specification. Introduced in 1953, the Strand Pattern 23 was the first mass-produced spotlight,unlike its predecessors which were primarily constructed from sheet metal the Pattern 23's body was manufactured from aluminium, using high pressure die-casting.

Strands 'Baby Spot' the Pattern 23, and its companion the Pattern 123 fresnel, revolutionised stage lighting, using optics and reflector technology which provided over twice the light output of any similar wattage spot of the day.

Initially produced in batches of 5000, production ran until 1983, when it was replaced by the Strand Minim23

Over its 30 year production run more than 500,000 were produced in several variations.


Work Required:


  • Complete restoration of the exterior of the spotlight, providing a mirror polished finish.

  • Installation of new lamp holder, lamp and full PAT testing by qualified electrician, prior to passing onto the customer for household installation.

Work Carried Out:


  • Complete restoration of the exterior of the spotlight. This involved complete mechanical and electrical dis-assembly

  • Minor repair and re-finishing of exterior surfaces prior to polishing, using various grades of fine abrasive papers.

  • Polishing with three different polishing compounds using nylon mop, sisal mop, stitched and loose leaf cotton mops. Final surface clean up using Vienna lime.

  • Re-painting of some non-reflective interior parts using matt black spray paint.

  • Re-assembly of spotlight including cleaning and re-seating of original glass lens.

  • Installation of new lamp holder, lamp and full PAT testing by qualified electrician.