I provide a conservation and restoration consultancy service for both the heritage sector and private clients. I can offer my services either on site with clients, or at my dedicated conservation workshop. This work includes working with private clients, museums, galleries, historic houses and trusts. This covers all services related to the physical well being of both individual objects and entire heritage collections.

A wealth of experience has meant that I have experience with a wide variety of materials and collections types. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Social history objects.

  • Ethnography.

  • Working objects & industrial collections.

  • Natural History & Taxidermy.

  • Stone & geology. 

  • Gilded objects.

  • Archaeology.

  • Textiles & costume.

  • Ceramics.

  • Metal polishing service.

I also provide additional services for conservation of objects and collections. Where specialist knowledge is required, we partner with a select group of  specialists. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Easel paintings.

  • Bookbinding & paper.

  • Larger engineering projects.

I am based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK. Though the bulk of my work covers the areas of Yorkshire and the East Midlands, I offer all these services to clients and heritage organisations throughout the UK.

I can offer various plans of action and treatments to stabilise and protect your objects and collections for future generations. Please see below for details of these services in more detail:


I am a specialist in conserving objects to prevent deterioration and stabilise the object for the future (remedial conservation).

If appropriate and necessary, restoration techniques can also be applied where missing parts can be replaced, or new finishes applied.

In advance of any hands on treatments taking place, all objects can be examined visually and scientificaly tested if required. All treatments can be catalogued and recorded using photography and written and electronic documentation.

My basic approach for all treatments is minimal intervention and originality where at all possible to retain the historic integrity of your object or collections.

Please see more about some of the projects I have worked on in the past by clicking on the link below:


I am experienced in various techniques in collections care (also sometimes called preventive conservation). These elements prevent deterioration of the object, but do not apply techniques to the object directly.

If you need any assistance please ask me about the following:

  • Cataloguing and re-storage of collections.

  • Display of objects for permanent and temporary exhibitions. 

  • Monitoring and controlling the environment.

  • Pest monitoring regimes to prevent infestation.

  • Guidance on handling and packing objects.

  • Mount making for objects on display.

  • Creation of collection care plans.

  • Disaster planning for collections.

  • Health and safety for hazardous collections.

  • Training (object handling,disaster planning etc).

  • Tours and talks (on behalf of other institutions).

  • Policies for handling collections for outreach.

  • Condition surveys of part, or entire collections.

  • Risk assessments for objects, or entire collections.

  • Freezing of collections (pest control and flooded collections).

  • Scientific material analysis.

​Please see more about some of the projects I have worked on in the past by clicking on the link below:


Another more recent offer to clients is my metal polishing service for the restoration of all types of small scale metal objects where full, or part restoration is necessary. Demand (and sometimes lack of specialists) has meant that this is an increasing part of my work. The bulk of this work is polishing of automotive parts for the restoration of cars and motorcycles. In addition to this, I will restore marine and aviation parts, architectural metalwork, musical instruments and antiques and collectables where appropriate.

Examples of materials covered are:

  • Aluminium

  • Steel (various types)

  • Copper and copper alloys (brass, bronze etc.)

I use specialist workshop based equipment to provide a high standard of finish.

Please see more about some of the projects I have worked on in the past by clicking on the link below: